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Tube to Plate Automatic Welding Machine Welding Method

Time: 2018.10.08

1. The power supply and control cabinet are integrated, the bottom of the cabinet is equipped with universal wheel, which can be moved at will.

2. The welding machine adopts moving frame three-dimensional coordinates to locate.

3. The welding machine adopts 7-inch color touch screen, the man-machine dialogue interface is intuitive, the parameters are easy to find, modify and check.

4. The welding machine adopts Siemens PLC, which can store at least 99 kinds of process parameters. It is easy to find and call. Each parameter can be used immediately or used after modification, or it can also be modified and stored. The software can be upgraded and modified. Strong anti-interference ability.

5. The welding process of welding machine is controlled by the microcomputer and is automatically performed according to the preset program.

6. The welding machine has four welding methods:

A. Welding one layer, no filling wire;

B. Welding one layer, filling wire;

C. Welding two layers, the first layer is not filled, the second layer is filled;

D. Welding two layers, both are filled.

7. The welding machine can be continuously rotating and welding without turning.

8. The machine head adopts the circulating water cooling core shaft, which can not only satisfy the angle welding of thin-wall tube but also take away the heat of the machine head, so the machine can work continuously for a long time.

9. This type of welding machine can be used for angle welding, flat welding, implicit welding and deep hole welding of pipe and tube sheet.

10. The welding machine has the memory function of welding starting point. After the welding of one nozzle is completed, the machine head automatically rotates, rotates the angle of the current attenuating head and the overlap angle of the weld seam, and returns to the welding starting position, which is convenient for the next nozzle welding.

11. Each welding process can be divided into eight sections, and the pulse base and peak current can be set in sections.

12. The welding has three pulse working modes to choose : current pulse, rotary pulse and wire feed pulse.

13. During the welding process, you can control the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons on the remote control box to increase or decrease the welding current at any time as required to ensure the ideal welding quality.

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