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Technical Description of Tube to Plate Automatic Welding Machine

Time: 2018.10.08

1. The tube to plate automatic welding machine is a precision automatic welding head specially designed for various high-efficiency pipe joint welding. It adopts all-position TIG welding operation (self-melting / filling), which can weld easily oxidizable materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel, and can weld pipe, pipe elbow, U-pipe joint, pipe flange, pipe valve and other joint forms.

2. Water-cooled welding head, long working time, easy maintenance.

3. No wire feeding self-melting / wire feeding all position automatic TIG DC / pulse tube welding head.

4. Compact structure, stable rotation, small rotation inertia, suitable for accurate positioning of field operation, for complex pipeline installation welding.

5. High resolution motor drive under the precise speed control, pulse count.

6. The distance between the tungsten electrode and the welding seam is controlled by the mechanical profile guiding device during the welding of the thin-wall pipe, the arc-length swing device can be selected to control the position of the tungsten needle and the welding seam during the welding of the thick-wall pipe.

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