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Tube to Plate Welding Machine Performance Characteristics

Time: 2018.10.15

The tube to plate automatic welding machine consists of three parts: WZM-400 pulse argon arc welding machine, WTS60 tube to plate welding machine head and tube to plate welding operation frame.

It is suitable for all-position TIG tube/plate automatic welding, obtaining high quality weld seams.

It is mainly used in chemical, boiler, pressure vessel, air conditioning, electrical construction and other industries.

Realize all-position TIG tube/plate automatic welding.

High degree of automation, low failure rate.

The arc current is in the form of DC/pulse, each parameter can be set separately, the molten pool is easy to control, the melting width and depth are uniform.

It adopts self-developed IGBT inverter pulse argon arc welding machine, it has high welding efficiency, strong arc stability and beautiful weld seam appearance.

The control system is human-oriented and easy to operate the process parameters can be input through the touch screen the welding parameters can be modified in real time through the manual control box, which is convenient and quick.

The machine head adopts infinite rotating structure, and the wire feeding, water and air are free from winding.

Water-cooled positioning mandrel to avoid inflow after the tube head melting, and the weld seam is beautifully formed; the welding torch can be continuously rotated in accordance with the arc length to realize multi-layer welding.

Tube to plate welding machine adopts self-developed tube-plate welding operation frame, which is light and beautiful, stable and reliable in movement.

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