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Orbital Tube to Plate Welding

The machine is specially designed in oil and gas industry for all kinds of heat exchanger,boiler, pressure vessel, aerial cooler, etc.

It mainly include: machine frame, welding torch assembly, welding power supply, welding cooling system, etc.

This machine adopts the PLC produced by Siemens to control and installs the software developed by our factory. The whole welding process is automatically completed according to the preset procedures and processes.

Control system is man-machine interface, simple operation, full English available,process parameters input through touch screen, simple and intuitive to use.

Technical Introduction & Parameters

The equipment is equipped with a dedicated operating frame, Panasonic 400A welder,adopted Siemens central processing unit, PLC control, operated by a color touch screen.

The touch screen is designed with a 30° tilt angle. The equipment is also equipped with a special welding head to complete the automatic welding of the tube head and the tube sheet. Modular design of power supply and electrical parts, easy to maintain, safe and reliable to use.

This model completely abandoned the original 315C tube plate welder, redesigned and manufactured. Since its launched in 2009, it has been well received by our customers.

Parameter Tables

Input power three-phase four-wire

380 10% V

Rated output capacity

13.9 KVA

Rated input current

19 A

Rated no-load voltage

73 V

Rated operating current

400 A

Current adjustment range

4-400 A

Rated load continuous rate


Pulse width adjustment range


Pulse frequency adjustment range

0.2-10 S

Pulse current waveform

Square wave

Current frequency adjustment range

More than 30 S

Welding torch speed

0.2-5 S

Wire speed

50-2000 mm

Weldable pipe outer diameter range

12-90 mm

Argon flow

Less than 15 min

Operating frame stroke

Horizontal movement stroke

1600 mm

Vertical movement stroke

1500 mm

Minimum welding height

500 mm

Welding Structure

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