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Orbital Welding Torch

The machine head is composed of rotating mechanism, wire feeding mechanism, main shaft, cooling mechanism, cabinet, tungsten pole device, fixed core rod, connecting cable, etc. Aviation plugs use military products. The machine head can be rotated 360° in the horizontal position for easy replacement of tungsten. The head will automatically reset after each tube head is welded (rotation), rotary angle can be set in the range of 0-30°, the welding speed can be appropriately increased and the labor intensity can be reduced.

Technical Introduction & Parameters

The welding head can work under 360 °C workpiece preheating condition, and has high temperature resistance. The welding cable adopts double wire, large brush structure, the conductive slip ring is insulated from the body, When continuous high current working, the temperature rise is less than 10 °C.

The arc welding power source has digital current and voltage display function.

The touch screen uses a 7-inch color screen.

Welding control system can choose welding method according to process requirements:

(1) Welding one layer, self-melting without filling wire;

(2) Welding one layer, filling wire;

(3) Welding two layers, the first layer is not filled, the second layer is filled;

(4) Welding two layers, both are filled;

(5) The welding wire has back kinetic energy after welding finished;

(6) The welding machine has a password lock function, non-dedicated operator has no right to open the welding machine;

(7) This welder can be equipped with a special machine head as a deep hole welding equipment;

(8) Welding is divided into 8 segments in the range of 360 ° to control the base current, the peak current matches the parameters such as rotary wire feeding.

Rotating mechanism consists of planetary reduction mechanism (manufactured by a military factory in Shanghai), stepper motor and a set of transmission gears. The current is transmitted to the tungsten electrode through the conductive disk to ensure that the cable is not entangled during welding.

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