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Pipe to Elbow

It is suitable for mechanized semi-automatic assembly of pipe and flange, elbow, tee, reducer and other fittings for various industries, in the case of elbows at both ends, both ends of assembly center must be equipped with multi-function assembly machine heads.

Workpiece form

Performance features

High work efficiency, easy to assemble;

Significantly reduce manual assembly labor intensity and skill requirements of pipe aligning;

Ensure that the gap is uniform after assembly and provide qualified weld preparation for automatic welding;

It is suitable for professional, standardized and mass production of pipeline prefabrication.

Technical data

Applicable pipe diameter: 16 type is suitable for φ60-426mm, 24 type is suitable for φ168-630mm

Applicable pipe length: ≤6000mm or ≤12000mm

Loading elbow weight: ≤1000kg

Equipment composition

Equipment composition


Flange assembly machine

Multi-function assembly machine

Tack welding power supply

Matched trolley

Orbital module


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