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Pipe to Flange

This machine is the positioning tack welding equipment before welding the straight pipe and flange, it is mainly used for the mechanical semi-automatic or automatic assembly of straight pipe and welding neck flange or straight pipe and slip on flange in shipbuilding, coal mine gas pipe, UHV power tower and other industries.

Equipment function

It adopts special electric self-centering chuck to clamp the flange and ensure the concentricity and verticality of the two flanges;

It adopts flange indexing round bolt hole positioning angle to improve the concentricity of the left and right bolt holes;

It adopts the chuck jaw front end thickness to determine the inner angle weld width;

It adopts the form of moving the two ends of the machine head to the middle or fixing one end and moving one end to meet the different lengths pipe assembly;

It adopts chuck electric swing mechanism to realize workpiece rotating tack welding;

The servo motor can be used to drive the machine head to walk, and the PLC control system can be used to improve the length accuracy after pipe assembly and set the butt weld bevel gap size;

Electric scissor-type trolley is used to realize the high-lifting and radial fine-tuning of different diameter pipe assembly.

Technical data

Applicable pipe diameter: FWFGC-800 type is suitable for φ168-830mm, FWFGC-1000 type is suitable for φ168-1016mm, FWFGC-1200 type is suitable for φ168-1220mm

Other pipe diameter specifications can be customized

Applicable pipe length: ≤6000mm or ≤12000mm

Equipment composition

Equipment composition


 Flange assembly machine

Matching trolley

Orbital module

Tack welding power supply

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