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Pipe to Elbow Welding

It is suitable for automatic welding of straight pipe and straight pipe, straight pipe and cone pipe, straight pipe and flange, straight pipe and elbow, straight pipe and tee in various industries.

Welding form

Performance features

The workpiece is compacted by manual chain after loading, the structure is light and convenient;

The welding swing device is imported product, driven by stepping motor, aluminum alloy material, stable performance, screw rod no back lash, high welding precision;

The welding swing device adopts a closed mechanism as a whole to meet the requirements of use in harsh working conditions such as dust and smoke;

It has welding gun automatic fine-tuning function, effectively correct weld deviation and tube ellipticity;

The electrical control system takes PLC as the core, and the welding parameters are digitally processed, making the system maintenance intuitive and easy to operate.

Technical data

Applicable pipe diameter


Applicable material

Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cryogenic steel

Bevel shape

I, V, U, double V, etc.

Applicable wall thickness

3-30mm (CO2/MAG)

Applicable length

Straight pipe ≥300mm

Welding efficiency

200-300 inch/day

Equipment configuration

Standard configuration


   Automatic welding machine host

 Master control system

Angle seam welding mechanism

     Welding swing mechanism

 Rotating grounding unit

 Matching trolley and track

     Welding power supply


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