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Pipe to Flange Welding

The pipe flange submerged arc two-gun automatic welding machine is our company specially developed for the power industry UHV iron tower for the butt welding of straight pipe and welding neck flange; the automatic welding machine integrates the welding process obtained by our company through a lot of process tests, realizing straight pipe and welding neck flange welding by submerged arc welding to finish automatic bottoming, filling and capping, the efficiency double higher than traditional gas shield welding, it greatly improves the production efficiency of the factory, improves the working environment of workers, and further reduces production cost.

Welding process

Submerged arc welding (SAW)

Welding method

Submerged arc outer welding, submerged arc inner welding

Configuration method

Single head two tack welding

Double head two tack welding

Welding quality

Welding seam formation is uniform and beautiful, no appearance defects;

Meet the radiographic or ultrasonic inspection level I or II welding seam qualification rate of more than 98%;

Meet the pressure test or impact, tension, bending and other mechanical properties inspection requirements.

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