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Cutting and Beveling Machine

The CNC high-speed cutting and beveling machine is the most advanced and efficient pipe processing machine in China; it adopts PLC control; all processing parameters are fully digitized, and the preset, storage and recall of all machining programs are completed by the man-machine interface; pipe cutting and two beveling processing can be completed with single feed; it adopts higher cutter head speed and better machine body rigidity for mass and high precision pipe processing.

Equipment principle

It adopts pipe clamping fixing and cutter dish rotating to cooperate with the servo feed system specially developed by our company (This technology can be skillfully realized that, under the condition that the servo motor does not rotate with the cutter head, the cutter frame is controlled by the servo motor to realize the automatic feeding and retraction cutter on the rotary cutter head).

It realizes fully automatic control of the machining process; during machining, it adopts the multi-point self-centering to clamp pipe, the cutter head rotates along the outer diameter of the pipe, feeding in layers until finished.

After machining, the pipe is not deformed, the straight or bevel surface is smooth, and the end face verticality is good , which can be directly used for welding.

Technical data





Applicable pipe diameter (mm)




Cutter head speed (rpm)




Main motor power (KW)




Applicable material

Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cryogenic steel, heat resistant steel, etc.

Wall thickness (mm)


Clamping system

Electric self-centering main clamping system + Electric self-centering sub clamping system

Clamping mode


Cutting number involved in machining simultaneously

Three or two

Cold cutting method

Circulating water cooling

Feeding speed


Retraction speed


Bevel shape

V / I / U / double V (Standard equipped with 0° cutting cutter and 30°V beveling cutter)

Feeding and retraction way

Servo control automatic feeding and retraction

Lifting way

 Heavy duty electric lifting system (Optional)

Input power

AC 380V 50Hz

Equipment configuration

Basic component

Host option

Auxiliary option

Host unit 

Automatic lifting system

Pipe conveying roller bed

Circulating water cooling system

Automatic chip removal system

Automatic loading and unloading system

PLC control system

Laser positioning system

CNC fixed length conveying system


Pipe storage rack

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