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Workshop Pipe Fabrication Line

It is suitable for process pipeline factory large batch prefabrication.

Performance features

The overall design performs the technical concept of ‘advanced and efficient’, and realizes the overall planning of production capacity, site, workshop and equipment;

According to different materials processed, it can be divided into: carbon steel pipe prefabrication production line and stainless steel pipe prefabrication production line;

The equipment needs to form a complete system in a specific plant to realize pipeline prefabrication;

The production line is prefabricated completely according to the process pipeline prefabrication factory series working procedure;

Production data and task sharing can be realized among all sections of the production line.

Technical data

Production capacity: Design according to customer prefabrication quantity

Applicable material: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.

Logistics speed: 2-20m/min

Automatic welding rate: ≥60%

Prefabrication depth: 50%~80%

Production line configuration

According to different combination patterns and capacity requirements, the following equipment can be selected for reasonable configuration:

Cutting and beveling system

Assembly system

Supporting system

PGM rolling type CNC fixed length cutting machine

PMG multi-functional pipe assembly machine

Piping conveying roller bed

PAM CNC cutting and beveling machine


CNC fixed length system

PCM pipe cutting and beveling machine

Welding system

Automatic lifting conveying roller bed

PBM pipe beveling machine

PPAW pipe automatic welding machine

Cross-area light rail conveying system

PSM pipe cutting bandsaw machine

MPAW multi-functional pipe welding center

Cross-area heavy rail conveying system

CTA CNC cutting and beveling processing center

PPBW multi-functional pipe automatic welding machine

Other supporting equipment and service

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