Bridge Table CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

Bridge Table CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

Separated structure is used between machine tool body and bridge cutting table.adopt

high quality ball screw, guider rail and bridge structure, which is more stable and durable.

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Pretty outline,rational structure,good rigidity&stability,well-distributed stress,smooth,accurate and safe operating.

Separate body between cutting table and load-bearing platform prevents interfering cutting accuracy from long-term stress variation to load-bearing platform.

X beam of cutting table applies the one-off extrusion forming aluminum alloy, light weight, strong steel, not deformed, is the most advanced technology .

Cancelling dustproof cloth on X, Y, Z axis and hiding Y axis towline greatly improve the machine life and save the maintenance cost.

Motor and ball screw are directly connected by flexible coupling. It can absorb vibration energy reversible and with higher drive accuracy compared with other torsional rigid coupling.

Using high-quality international brand ball screw, linear guide transmission structure to ensure the moving speed and accuracy of the cutting head.

The cutting head is with casting structure and concrete structure. The metal parts have been specially processed to eliminate traces of deformation and to maintain long-term mechanical precision.

Applications with Bridge Table CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

-Machine shops

-Metal Fabricators 

-Signage and adversising industry 

-Artistic designers 

-Stone and Tile Fabricators 

-Glass Fabricators                                                        

-Architectural industry  

-Aerospace industry

-Marine and automative industry,etc   





 Cutting materials

  Glass   Steel   Stone
  Fibreglass   Ally steel   Ceramics
  PVC   Aluminum   Marble 
  Nylon   Brass   Granite 
  Plastics   Bronze   Porcelain
  Plexiglass   Cast Iron   Ceramic tile
  Mylar Laminates   Cobalt   Limestone
  Foam   Copper   Terrazzo
  Kevlar   Exotic Alloys   Sandstone 
  Foam    Hardened steel   Quartzite 
  Rubber   Aluminum   Acrylics
  Thermoplastics   Tantalum   Hard wood 
  Bullet proof glass   Titanium   Stain less steel
  Mirror glass   Composites   Carbon steel               


-200-400Mpa high pressure 

-Rolling nut transmission structure,higher rigidity

-High quality international brand ball screw and guide

-High precision,smooth drive,durable service


Technical parameters


Machine type
(L-bridge, X-fly arm)
Bridge type
Bridge type
Bridge type
Fly arm type
Fly arm type
Efficient cutting area(mm) 2000*1500 3000*2000 4000*3000 1500*2000m 1800*3000
Axis travel
X axis
2000 3000 4000 1500 1800
Y axis
1500 2000 3000 2000 3000
Z axis
150-200 150-200 150-200 150-200 150-200
CNC control system
AC Sevor motor AC Sevor motor AC Sevor motor AC Sevor moto AC Sevor motor
Cutting accuracy
+/- 0.1mm
Repeat accuracy
+/- 0.05mm
Processing speed
Power supply
220V/380V/415V ,3ph,50HZ/60HZ 


Inquiry Datas Required    

To enable us offer you promptly, and you can get fast quoation from our side, please read and confirm the technical parameters and commercial terms. 
Technical Parameters
1. what kind of materials you will cut?
2. what's the Max.cutting area you require on this macMhine, Width*Length=?mm
3. what's the Max.thickness of cutting material?


Commercial Terms 
1.  Price to be : EXW (factory),  FOB(Shanghai) , CIF ( which port near to you in your country) ? 
2.  Your preferred payment method:   T/T, or L/C ?    
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