Circumferential seam welder for cylinder

Circumferential seam welder for cylinder

  • Modular design, allowing customizing the welding system according tocustomer requirement.
  • Suitable for barrel and hydro-cylinder circumferential seam welding.
  • According to requirement, choose TIG, MIG/MAG welding process, and choose single torch or double torches.
  • Suitable for various materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy and aluminum alloy,etc.
  • Suitable for pneumatic loading material and hydraulic pushing fixture.
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The machine is horizontal type, it is consisted of workpiece holding part (lift up down, and end fixture device), torch mechanical

control part, machine frame, MIG welding power source, wire feeder, torch lifting device, welding oscillator.It includes:


-Power shaft box,to assemble the power transmission system to drive the drop rotating.

-Idle shaft box,to withstand the drop to assure the same axis when welding.

-Centre frame,to lower the intensity of labor when drop assembled.

-Left and right oscillator,to realize the requirement of longer width of drop(Optional).

-Automatically lift&down device of torch,to realize the multilayer welding.

-Torch feeding structure,to make it easy to take the finished drop.

-Left&right tuning cross,to adjust the position of torch.

-Protection shield,to protect our eyes and to see if satisfied welding effect.

-Feeding pedestal,to assemble the wire feeder.

-Move structure of torch pedestal,to weld different position.

-Electrical operation system.

-Load&unload methods of the drop:put the drop on the supporter by hand,clamp it by special and customized chuck,and tight it by tailstock.
-Drop position:rotatory positioning by control panel. 
-Welding method:torch fixed,drop rotating,and automatically welding of circular seam,with wire feeding. 
-Welding condition:drop spot welded firmly or insert the dish heads into tank body. 

-Welding Diameter: φ300~φ1000mm

-Maximum  Welding Length: 2500mm

-Rotation Speed: 0.05~1.0rpm

-Rotation Motor: frequency conversion motor

-Speed Regulation: stepless speed regulating

-Distance of Hydraulic Pump Movement: 500mm

-Support type: pneumatic

-Distance of Slider Vertical Movement: 450mm

-Clutch Type: manual

-Distance of Oscillation Slider Movement: 60mm

Technical data table:



HF series

Control power supply

Single phase 50Hz AC 200V

Welding power supply

Three phase 50Hz AC 380V

Workpiece thickness

According to the opening of seam

Workpiece diameter

200 mm≥φ≥10mm

Workpiece length


Headstock rotation speed

110 r/ min

Workpiece rotation diameter


Spindle bore


Spindle output torque


Workpiece weight


Torch lifting height


Tailstock slide stroke


Headstock adjustable angle


Torch 3-D adjustable range

X:±30mm, Y:±50mm, Z:±30mm

Max. welding current



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