CNC Glass Cutting Machine by High Pressure Waterjet

CNC Glass Cutting Machine by High Pressure Waterjet

Professional design for large piece of glass cutting, this special cutting table can realize the longest 4000mm glass cutting,max load bearing is 1000kgs, the max overturn angle is 85°, adapts hydrautic lifting. for the plane, a glass, water knife cutting can be work out you want any geometric figure. No matter be modellingor drilling, waterjet cutting can handy. Its main features are: diversity, accurate, beautiful, cut does not touchporcelain, incision place for grind sand shape.

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1. Cutting do not produce heat, cut joints does not cause arc marks, safe, environmental protection, don't need another processing and is easy to processing.

2. Any curve can be cutting and punched, do not need to die, flexibility, workpiece needs no special clamping, simple operation is convenient.

3. Cut seam only 1 ㎜, cut surface is bright and clean, smooth, without critical edge, cut a wide range, the thickness of the glass is up to 100 ㎜.

Advantages of Cutting Glass with Waterjet

• Cut glass geometry that common machining cannot perform • Delicate glass does not crack during processing • Precisely cut thin to thick glass without changing any tooling • Cuts glass panels up to 9" (23 cm) in thickness • Eliminates pressure of cutting process on surface material • No heat affected zone (HAZ) • No tool to sharpen • No or reduced need for reworking of the cut edge • No waste of material, narrow cutting gap • Cost effective means of cutting holes in glass • Create intricate design in any shape and size (Not suitable for the processing of tempered or hot glass)

-Home appliance of glass cutting (kitchen burning gas mesa, lampblack machine, alexipharmic ark, etc, television);

-Lamps and lanterns; 

-Craft glass; 

-Sanitary ware products (shower room and so on); 

-Building decoration glass; 

-Furniture glass,mirror industry glass, etc.

-Structure: bridge type

-Cutting heads: 1

-Repeatability: 0.025mm

-X, Y speed: 0-15m/min 

-Controlling accuracy: ±0.01mm

-Cutting accuracy: ±0.1mm

Technical parameters


Efficient cutting area(mm) 2000*1500 3000*2000 4000*3000 1500*2000m 1800*3000
Axis travel
X axis
2000 3000 4000 1500 1800
Y axis
1500 2000 3000 2000 3000
Z axis
150-200 150-200 150-200 150-200 150-200
CNC control system
AC Sevor motor AC Sevor motor AC Sevor motor AC Sevor moto AC Sevor motor
Cutting accuracy
+/- 0.1mm
Repeat accuracy
+/- 0.05mm
Processing speed
Power supply
220V/380V/415V ,3ph,50HZ/60HZ 


*The work table size can make as customer's detail requirement.

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