Corner Seam Automatic Welding Machine

Corner Seam Automatic Welding Machine

Pyramid AS-series are automatic seam welding machine,which is suitable for corner seam welding of metal door,electric box, tray etc.The machine is driven by motors, controlled by the PLC,

assisted controlled by electrical relay, so it can realize automatic welding. Welding current and welding can be set on the operation panel.It has high automation level.

The machine is mainly for four angle seam, adopts TIG welding power.Self melted or with wire feeder, according to workpiece thickness.

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Corner Welding Machine


This machine adopts the workpiece does not move , the welding torch structure move along the welded seam on a straight line .Torch moving speed can be adjusted by AC variable frequency controller , to meet the different needs of the thickness of the sheet metal.

The machine adopts Taiwan DELTA PLC program controller and AC frequency control as the core unit , in conjunction with other electrical control components to complete automatic control of the device,with a simple,stable and reliable welding.

It consists of a base frame, welding mandrel, plate clamping structure, beams columns, welding carriage, electrical console and other components.

Product details:

  • The machine’s base plate is welded by aging treatment after welding, strong and durable.
  • welding mandrel for supporting the electrical box corner straight seam welding. Embedded copper strips on the mandrel, the copper strip has opened a welding grooves to ensure both sides of the welding process of welding seam side molding.
  • plate clamping structure is mainly used for clamping a workpiece corner welds two straight edges. Ensure maximum welding deformation of the workpiece. The structure layering, compression cylinder components.
  • Copper strip embedded bead, to ensure that when the workpiece does not stick to the platen.
  • beam column is mainly used to support the welding carriage mounted on the beam precision linear rail and ball screw.
  • the main welding carriage clip gun device, manually adjust the gun into the gun control and automatic devices and other components. Under the action of the gun into the gun cylinder automatic and automatic withdrawal gun arc extinction.
  • Manually tune gun device is mainly used to manually adjust the position and angle between the torch and weld.
  • stepless welding speed by AC variable speed motors or AC servo motors, to meet the different needs of the thickness of the sheet metal welding.
  • electrical control electrical components for automatic control, simple operation, stable and reliable.
  • automatic gun into the gun mechanism in feeding, lifting, reset all automatic control, stable and reliable operation.
  • parts must be approved by blasting slag, rust, or pickling, phosphate coated rust primer, topcoat play putty. Make the whole appearance clean and beautiful
  • Welding of 90° corners with straight edges
  • Control cabinets, hygienic furniture, industrial kitchens, counters, ventilation ducts, medical technology, operating surgery furniture, 

      bakery equipment, metal processors, packaging machines,etc.

  • Corners with inward bend lips of up to 75 mm and outward bend lips of up to 80 mm height.
  • Various corner geometries on one machine due to variable clamping system.
  • Simple changeover due to quick clamping principle for clamping elements.
  • Material: steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium
  • Input Power: 380V / 50Hz/3Ph.. 
  • Rated power: 0.37Kw. 
  • Air pressure adjustment range: 0.4-0.6Mpa. 
  • Welding workpiece thickness: 1mm ~ 2mm. 
  • Maximum workpiece sectional dimensions: 1000mm ×1000mm. 
  • Maximum workpiece welded length: 1000mm. 
  • Torch in the X-axis direction adjustment range: 50 mm. 
  • Torch in a Z-axis direction adjustment range: 50 mm. 
  • Welding method: self-fluxing or filler wire TIG welding way. 
  • Load & down materials: manual. 
  • Welding speed: 200mm ~ 500mm / min.
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