Five Axis Waterjet CNC Cutting Machine

Five Axis Waterjet CNC Cutting Machine

5 axis linkage ultra-high pressure water cutting machine is through on the basis of the original three XYZ axis platform to add two axis of rotation,realize the rotary swing in any direction, and use the slope model setting in the system in advance , through to the cutting travel real-time computing, to consider the material and thickness of cutting workpieces correction, constantly swing the cutting head in the process of cutting, to achieve the perfect zero slope.

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  • 0 ° to 90 ° range at any Angle cutting, solve the problem of traditional water cutting slope, easily implement 2D / 3D cutting.
  • Line positioning accuracy of + / - 0.1 mm, angular positioning precision of + / - 0.1 °.
  • It fulfills arbitrary curved surface machining like the oblique, vertical, conical surface, circular surface, rotating surface, playing groove, chamfering, etc.

  • Can meet high precision machining demand of the mechanical manufacturing, rail transportation, automative, composite materials processing and other industries.

Five axis waterjet cutter is widely used in aerospace, construction decoration, machinery production, 

composite materials, vessel, automobile and other processing industries.

-X Y Z  C A  professional 5 axis control software
-Bevel axis (A): ±45°
-Rotary axis (C): ±540°
-Control accuracy: ±0.01mm
-Angle accuracy: 0.01°

 Cutting Result data


C/A  Accuracy



Rotary Axis Travel



Rotary Positioning Accuracy



Rotary Positioning Repeatability



Maximum Rapid Traverse Speed



Maximum Contour Speed




Accuracy Tests at 10°Increments Tram ±0.005in .Taken on 39.4in.dia 

Circle with 4 readings every 90°apart
*A-axis program range is ±180°Effective tilt is ±90°


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