High Pressure CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

High Pressure CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

Tap water is impressed to 200-400Mpa by UHP Intensifier, and then a waterjet with high speed of 800-1000m/s is made through a small gem nozzle with bore size of 0.1-0.35mm. this waterjet has high energy and it can cut soft materials such as paper, rubber, sponge, etc. furthermore, if mixed proper quantity abrasive, it can cut all kinds of soft and hard materials such as glass, marble, ceramics, stainless steel, etc.

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The system consists of ultra high pressure generator, cnc control system, auto abrasive feeding system, cutting head and high tech CAD/CAM system,etc. have features of high cutting speed, superior efficienvy, no thermal deformation, non polloution. Almost no limitation of materials and intricate designs, it can cut soft materials such as paper, rubber,sponge, etc. furthermore, if mixed proper quantity abrasive, it can cut all kinds of soft and hard materials such as glass, marble, ceramics, stainless steel, etc.

CNC waterjet cutter

-Cut, shape, drill, finish

-Different jobs don’t require different tooling

-Stack raw stock and multiply productivity

Waterjet cutting table

- Over-travel auto positioning and soft positioning protection.

- Unique design: newly mazy prevention and z-axis completely enclosed design prevent sand and water from eroding the guide screw and lead rail.

- Superior precision and stability are guaranteed by the casting beam and Y-axis base frame.

- Lathe bed and water tank are detachable,which are designed to reduce the pressure from water with sands and machined parts to moving parts.

High pressure system

-Working Temperature: 0-60℃

-Outlet Connection: UNF3/8

-Cooling Inlet and Outlet: NPT1"

CNC waterjet controller

-It supports a variety of codes like G, PLT, ENG, and DXF generated by CAD/CAM software like UG, MASTERCAM, AUTOCAD, and some others.

As a nationally famous brand in welding industry, FastCAM has been engaged in the industry for over 30 years. The FastCAM software is a kind of dedicated programming software suitable for the cutting machine of NC flame series, plasma series, laser series and waterjet series. Requiring little knowledge related to computer technology and CAD, the plotting, nesting and programming is quite easy to understand.Currently, FastCAM is providing multilingual technical support & training on software, and promoting and sharing NC cutting theory and technology. On the premise of improving steel utilization ratio, FastCAM effectively enhances the cutting quality and cutting efficiency.

Application with High Pressure Waterjet Cutting Machine and Samples


-Machine shops

-Metal Fabricators -Signage and adversising industry 

-Artistic designers 

-Stone and Tile Fabricators 

-Glass Fabricators                                                        

-Architectural industry  

-Aerospace industry

-Marine and automative industry,etc   




Aftersales Service and Support



-UHP wear parts replacement

-Elimination HP normal troubles

-Table maintenance

-HP cutting water and cooling water requirement

-HP on/off valve, cutting head and abrasive controller maintenance

-Drawing designing and programming

-Software operating, parameters setting and saving 

-NC maintenance

-Equipment operating

-Different materials cutting characteristic





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-Drive motor: AC servo(YASKAWA)

-Drive system: ball screw & guider rail

-Controller: WASHING/FAGOR

-Cutting accuracy:   ± 0.1mm

-Linear accuracy: ± 0.1mm

-Repeatability accuracy: ± 0.025mm

-Cutting head: 1-2 Std,3-axis/4-axis

-Power: 220/380/415 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Technical Parameters








Machine type

(L-bridge, X-fly arm)

Bridge type

Bridge type

Bridge type

Fly arm type

Fly arm type

Efficient cutting area(mm)







Axis travel


X axis






Y axis






Z axis






CNC control system

AC Sevor motor

AC Sevor motor

AC Sevor motor

AC Sevor moto

AC Sevor motor


Cutting accuracy

+/- 0.1mm

Repeat accuracy

+/- 0.05mm

Processing speed


Power supply

220V/380V/415V ,3ph,50HZ/60HZ 

 *The work table size can make as customer's detail requirement.

Inquiry Datas Required 


To enable us offer you exactly, and you can get fast quoation from our side, please try to reply the following questions:


-Thickness of material?(for choosing suitable high pressure system)

-Size?(for choosing suitable cutting table)

-Material details 

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