Linear Seam Automatic Welding Machine

Linear Seam Automatic Welding Machine

Linear seam automatic welding machine with the following main characteristics:

  • Applications for small to large-scale longitudinal,straight seam, linear seam welding .

  • Weldable materials of stainless steel, carbon steel,galvanized steel and aluminum,etc.

  • Special copper alloy strip absorbers an dissipates heat in welding zone fast.

  • Special clamping unit for untacked joint, precison torch movement.

  • TIG,MIG, MAG,PAW,SAW,Plasma,Laser welding process for choice.

  • One side welding with double-sides forming.

  • Special specification available on request.

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It adopts the keyclamp device to support uniform and stable holds and cooling effect,which removes the surplus heat through welding seam,The precision components and standard features of the welders provide a highly engineeredcomplete platform for longitudinal welding. Optional features and available programmable welding controls provide unmatched capability for automating the welding process

It adopts IGBT DC TIG welding source:

1. Rich waveform control, the need to adapt to a variety of welding:

-Intermediate frequency pulse control: suitable titanium, stainless steel and other heat-sensitive materials and thin plate welding.

-Low pulse control : suitable for all kinds of metal materials (aluminum, magnesium and its alloys except for) ,all-position welding of sheet metal and pipes.

-Starting current control: starting current, arc current income improved control of weld quality .

2. Main circuit using high-performance IGBT devices, reducing the output power of the pulsating waveform.

3. Rational layout of the operation panel, current, voltage digital display, preset parameters.

4. Output terminals using quick connectors

5. Wire feeder device with automatic

6. Remote interface panel is optional

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