Pipe Plate Laser Cutting Machine

Pipe Plate Laser Cutting Machine

Specially designed for cutting 0.5~5mm carbon steel sheets(pipes), 0.5-2.5mm stainless steel sheets, galvanized steel(pipes), The pipes diameter is from 20-150mm.

  • Adopting Cyp Tube cutting software,it can directly accept the drawings from 3-Dimension drawing software and 2-Dimension drawing software.The drawings can be directly displayed in the computer,which more convenient and direct.

  • Unique holding and scratching design enables fast adjustment of different pipes,thus high-precision products can be made during processing.

  • The machine is equipped with different professional clamps,which will ensure precise for pipes of different shapes and different dimensions;
  • It can professionally cut common square pipes,round pipes and rectangle pipes.2-Dimension drawings can be applied for round pipes cutting.

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Characteristics of Gantry CNC laser cutting machine

  • Adopts gantry hybrid light path structure, good rigidity of the lathe, good dynamic performance, beautiful appearance, covers an area of small, short path, flare consistency is good.
  • Y axis motion platform using light aluminum alloy material, effectively reduce the surface of the Y axis load, improve the service life, ensure the longterm use of precision.
  • Use totally-enclosed dust removal device, positive pressure cavity, avoid gas disturbance to the conduction process of diffraction and divergence, and can prevent the external dust.
  • Adopts Germany PA CNC system,improved efficient combination of hardware and software,easy to use and stable.
  • Equipped with high speed pulse, essential functions of cutting high precision non metal board (board), board, steel board automatic switch, no need to complex adjust, direct cutting, is the essential functiona of plastic knife mold.
  • With lubricating device, the machine can be periodically to screw, guide rail, various parts of the shaft add lubricating oil the moving parts,ensure the moving parts in a good condition operation, improve its service life.
  • Lathe side face equipped with movable and rotatable worktable, convenient to operate.The ventilation structure design unique, high maintenance efficiency, ensure clean and tidy cutting.
  • The system is equipped with professional laser cutting process parameters, eliminating the need for complex adjustment.
  • Independent R&D of laser intelligent system,make the operator remotely operating and monitoring laser, and laser cutting machine together, and have a remote comprehensive diagnosis function, quickly find fault.
  • Automatic collision avoidance system, to prevent false operation, effectively reduce the cutting head impact, very fast self reset,without changing any parts.

General application with CNC laser cutting machine-gantry type


Sheet metal processing, die-board processing, electronics, appliances, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, 

elevators, car, ships, electronics manufacturing, tooling, subway parts, oil machinery manufacturing, food machinery, 

gift packing, tooling, decoration, advertising, external processing, and other metal manufacturing and processing industries.




The laser cutter can handle a variety of cutting tasks. They range from precisely cut micrometer joints

in paper-thin semiconductor chips to high quality cut in 1.25 inch thick steel





Where the focused laser beam strikes the workpiece, it heats the material so much that it melts or even vaporizes. Once it has completely 

penetrated the workpiece, the cutting process can start. The laser beam moves along the part contour, melting the material as it goes. 

Typically, a stream of gas blows the melted material downwards, out of the cut. The gap is barely wider than the focused laser beam itself.      

                                            Principle of laser cutting machine.    



Shaft length

Beam power

Pulse frequency

Power consumption


1,07 - 1,08 µm

200 - 2.000 W

5.000 Hz

8 kW


Working area

Table dimensions

Max. workpiece weight

Axis acceleration



3.000x1.500 mm

1,1 kg/dm²

10 m/s²



Travel X-axis

Travel Y-axis

Travel Z-axis



3.050 mm

1.550 mm

200 mm


Rapid feed

Rapid feed X-axis

Rapid feed Y-axis




85.000 mm/min

100.000 mm/min



Positioning accuracy

Repeat abilities


± 0,05 mm / ± 0.002"

± 0,05 mm / ± 0.002"


Max workpiece dimension



Travel of X-axis



Travel of Y-axis



Travel of Z-axis



X/Y axis position accuracy



X/Y axis repeatability accuracy



Min set unit



X/Y axis max location speed 






CNC controller



simultaneous controlled axes



Max.load of worktable



Power supply


AC 3P 380V±2% 50Hz

Ingress protection grade of power



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