3D Robotic Laser CNC Cutting Machine

3D Robotic Laser CNC Cutting Machine

Launching of 3D Robotic Laser CNC Cutting Machine warmly respected by the market, which replaced the traditional processing methods to reduce the mold investment, greatly reducing vehicle manufactuers and parts suppliers supporting the develpment cycle, improve processing

efficienty and cutting accuracy of the workpiece, reduce the cost of production, it's the powerful

equpment for the auto manufacturers and parts suppliers to improve the competitiveness.

Main features as bellow:

  • Fiber laser combined with digital contorl, represent advanced level of laser cut.
  • Professional laser contorllor, PC operation, make the operation more simple.
  • Adopt Six axis robotic arm,can realize 3D cutting, ensure quality, precision,speed.
  • Equip imported laser head, responsive, accurate,effecive, ensure cuttting quality.
  • Cutting head can endure 1.0MPa pressure, enhance the cutting ability.

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PYRAMID 3D Robotic Laser Cutting System Main Advantages:

1. Because the use of the industry's most accurate Stäubli robot, the body lighter, cutting speed, has obvious advantages in terms of high-speed cutting fine cutting edge

of a small arc and large, the actual cutting speed can reach 18 m / min without jitter, comprehensive processing efficiency is twice that of other brands robot combination,

cost-effective, but also can save a set of supplies and labor, the latter can be less additional equipment can meet the capacity requirements. Typical parameters for the 0.8

MM thick carbon steel with a 300W laser, large side cutting speeds up to 10 m / min or more, the use of 400W laser up to 15 m / min. Some brands of robot, because

the weight of up to four to five kilograms, after hoisting the tiny jitter by two meters long arm of amplification, the impact cutting precision, so no matter how much the

laser,the actual cutting speed is generally not more than 6 m / min.

2. Cutting high precision. The system repeats the positioning accuracy of up to ± 0.1M, fully meet the needs of the automotive precision sheet metal cover industry. 2MM

small diameter can be cut to a small circle, cutting effect sleek looks, invisible visual change and burrs.

3. Cutting large format, small actual corner. Optional arm length of 2.01 meters the robot, in addition to achieving an outer diameter of up to 3 meters hemispherical 3D

processing area, but also to achieve 2.5 m × 1.25 m two-dimensional cutting.

4. For 3D cutting of the scene, our company has developed a three-dimensional cutting head, stable performance, low cost, easy maintenance. In the automotive industry,

sheet metal cover, deformation and breakage of the workpiece can cause collision of the cutting head, plus mistakes, cutting head collision with the workers to operate more

damage it is inevitable. And long service intervals cutting head abroad, expensive, high consumables costs.

5. The direct generation cut according to the actual needs of the mold after a few optional offline programming software, which can read UG, exporting three-dimensional

mapping software such SOLIDWORK vda, igs, x_t, sldprt, prt, stp, ipt, par formats, modifications track, instead of doing so teach, easy to use.

6. Industrial control concept, modular design, system-wide protection rating of IP55, the robot protection level is as high as IP65, the system is highly integrated, less failure,

shock and vibration, anti-dust, no optical adjustment or maintenance, really fit in Applications industrial processing sector. And other similar products for simple integration,

poor stability of the device.

7. The system of manufacturability and ease of use is good. My company Stäubli robot software a lot of secondary development, a lot of user-friendly features can be achieved,

such as expert database functionality. Different materials (such as carbon steel and galvanized steel and stainless steel), different material thickness, different speeds, corresponding

to different needs of laser power and blowing pressure, the company through self-developed database function module to automate the matching parameters This greatly reduces

the operating workers' demands, reducing the administrative difficulty of workers.

Usage of the robotic 3D laser cutting system:


Widely used in automobile manufacturing, mold manufacturing, medical equipment, hardware, decorative, metal external processing services and 

other manufacturing industries.


Machine Description

Robotic + Cable Fiber Laser

Robotic + Inner optical path laser


Cutting material

Metal only

Metal & Non-metal


Cutting speed

Different thick of material, different speed, for example, 0.8mm carbon steel, 15meters/ min.

According to the power of laser and thickness of the material to be cut.


Re-positioning accuracy




Maintain charges

No need gas, lift time 0.1million hrs.

No need gas, lift time 0.1million hrs.


System power

Bellow 8 Kw

Bellow 8 Kw


Space occupied

30 Square meters Within

30 Square meters Within


Offline programming software



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