Synchronize Tandem Press Brake Bending Machine

Synchronize Tandem Press Brake Bending Machine

Synchronize tandem press brake bending machine-Start from trapezium plate.

Tandem press brake machine is the main machine in light pole production.

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Light Pole bending Machine


  • The frame of machine is composed of cylinder, worktable, left and right housings and ram. So it has high strength and good rigidity. Also it takes vibration to eliminate stress.
  • Synchronization working principal of both machines: Adopting electric-hydraulic proportional valve to ensure the synchronization of both machines. The proportional valve is made by BOSCH company with very good performance such as small friction between mechanic action pairs, fine electronic amplifier and electric magnet with high controlling force and continuous action. There are two raster displayers on both sides of machine to inspect the position of ram continuously and feed back the signal to control system, then the control system will control electric-hydraulic valve to make two cylinders synchronization on one machine. Because the raster displayers are installed to “C” plates, not on housing plates directly, the deflection of ram and frame when working will not effect its measuring and controlling precision. When two machines working together, the differential potentiometer installed between two machines will transfer the mechanic synchronizing signal into electronic one and feed back to synchronization plate and control system. The signal will be enlarged by BOSCH amplifier to control the synchronization of both machines by controlling electric-hydraulic proportional valve. So the synchronization of two machines is achieved with high precision.
  • Through computer, the operator could communicate with machine. The computer has several service language, calculate and adjust the bending force automatically. Also it could calculate and control the dead point, speed changing point.The strokes (Y1, Y2) of ram could make a small tilt to meet the special requirement of user.
  • Equipped with good guiding system, position measuring system and hydraulic balance system to meet the requirements of full length job and eccentric job.
  • Worktable compensation unit is adopted to make up for deflection of machine when working to make sure the precision of work piece.
  • The surface of cylinder has good wearing and heat treatment, so it has good lubrication and long service life.


Machine structure

Tandem Hydraulic CNC electro-hydraulic synchronized machine.

Working force


Length of table


Distance between frames


Throat depth


Open height














Main motor


CNC system

Type: DELEM DA52

Delem Co., Netherlands

2 (Y1,Y2)


With 1 punching and 1 multi V block bottom die for making min 60mm OD octagonal taper type light pole.

The up tool holder thickness is 18mm

The working table with mechanical type crowning system,

With front and back sheet supporting stand

Seal in the cylinders

NOK, made in Japan

Hydraulic components

BOSCH-Rexroth - , Germany

Hydraulic pump

Nitch, Japan, or BOSCH , Germany,

Linear Raster displayer sensor


Main Electric Elements in cabinet


Gross weight

124000 kg

Overall size(mm) LxWxH



With plastic cover

The machine should be disassemble during transportation. Our engineer should go to customer to assemble and adjust it.

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