Tank girth welder seam automatic welding machine for barrel

Tank girth welder seam automatic welding machine for barrel

Girth seam welding machine is designed for cylinder, storage tank, pressure vessel, solar water heater, etc .suitable for rules of girth seam, straight seam, and various special-shaped seam welding by TIG,MIG/MAG,Laser,Plasma and other welding process.The tank girth welder machine is driven by motors, controlled by the PLC, assisted controlled by electrical relay,hydraulicpress structure, so it can realize automatic welding. welding current and welding speed can be set on the operation panel,It has high automation level.

Tank girth welder

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Tank girth welder Overview

Features of girth seam welding machine:

-3 jaw chuck: arranged on headstock for more different workpiece.

-Tiltable headstock: 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, to meet more welding requirments (center can be used only 0°)

-Center: complete load/unload and fixing quickly, reduce readiness time and welding time, improve efficiency.

-Rotary headstock: driven by DC gear motor, stepless speed regulation, welding current detection switch.

-3D adjustment mechanism and pneumatic lifting device.

Options: double torchs welding, bracket, protection door and so on.

-Load&unload methods of the drop:put the drop on the supporter by hand,clamp it by special and customized chuck,and tight it by tailstock.
-Drop position:rotatory positioning by control panel. 
-Welding method:torch fixed,drop rotating,and automatically welding of circular seam,with wire feeding. 
-Welding condition:drop spot welded firmly or insert the dish heads into tank body. 

-Single torch

-Multiple headstock RPM ranges to choose 

-Workpiece diameter from 200mm to 10mm

-Tooling faceplates mounted to headstock and tailstock

-550mm workpiece rotation diameter

Technical Data Table:


HF series

Control power supply

Single phase 50Hz AC 200V

Welding power supply

Three phase 50Hz AC 380V

Workpiece thickness

According to the opening of seam

Workpiece diameter

200 mm≥φ≥10mm

Workpiece length


Headstock rotation speed

110 r/ min

Workpiece rotation diameter


Spindle bore


Spindle output torque


Workpiece weight


Torch lifting height


Tailstock slide stroke


Headstock adjustable angle


Torch 3-D adjustable range

X:±30mm, Y:±50mm, Z:±30mm

Max. welding current



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