Trapezium Cutting Machine

Trapezium Cutting Machine

The trapezium cutting machine is specially designed for pole raw material sheet cutting, before bending,It can be the main part of the cut to length line, also can be separated purchased by the customer who want to save investment for the beginners.

The light pole plate trapezium cutting machine is base on the rolling shearing principle to cutting the light pole taper steel and get trapezium steel plate. There is a dolly in the front of the slitting unit. it is for control the taper cutting degree. Through changing the base position on dolly to change the taper degree.

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Trapezium Cutting Machine-Start from blank sheet

This machine used for cutting steel plates especially long sheets.easy to operate. Shearing length can be adjustable with high efficiency. Press the sheets onto the walking device under hydraulic cylinder, shear under the rolling blades, the sheets will be walked and to be cut. When press the sheets, put the sheets diagonally according to request size, it can cut conical sheets. Therefore, this machine used for light pole, flag pole, signal pole, Car, structure workshop, tank, metal structure, ship, hardware, building and so on.

  • Rolled plate fitting on the two main shaft, powered by the motor through reducer drive, speed adjust at will, no noise, simple operation. Drive main shaft, the knife dish to roll. The knife dish from 6 crwzsi materials, high shear strength and good mechanical properties, long service life.
  • Walking device on roller, transfer roller run on tracks, by the motor through reducer drive, smooth operation, reliable transmission, speed to match the hob, adjust at will. Plate by many sets of hydraulic cylinder when running a clamping device, ensure accurate shearing size.
  • Walking device is made of thick steel plate welding, fission type structure, convenient transportation and installation of the equipment. And can according to user requirements to shorten or lengthen the shear length.
  • Feeding device has simple structure, is equipped with 4-5 keep-off points, and the hydraulic cylinder to control the feeding, material return, can change at any time to shear of steel plate thickness, trapezoidal plate without marking, direct shear, low labor intensity, simple operation.
  • In the electrical design, roll cutting head and walking device

Tape slitting

Trapezium Cutting Machine 

  • Rotary cutting,no noise 
  • Shear plate thickness:1-12mm
  • High speed to shear long plate  





Description Data
Max. Cutting Thickness 2.5~6mm
Max. inner Width of slitting unit 1600mm
Max. Cutting Length 14000mm
Max. Cutting Length 14000mm
Cutting speed 12mm/min
Power of the motor 4KW
Equipment running area 3x30meters
Scope of supply
Ball type table for material input 14m 1set
Dolly for control trapezium cutting angle 1set
Trapezium cutting head unit 1set
Ball type table for material output 14m 1set

Productivity: 1pcs 12meters trapezium plate per minutes.

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