Variable polarity plasma welding machine

Variable polarity plasma welding machine

Variable polarity plasma technology is suitable for the longitudinal straight seam, barrel butt girth seam welding applications, such as requirement for joint form is equal wall thickness joint.

Under the room temperature,our variable polarity plasma welding technology can achieve 16 mm or less thickness of the aluminum alloy penetration welding without open groove,

through assisted preheating, the way of changing shield gas composition, can be single-pass penetration welding of 20 mm aluminum alloy, one side weld, two sides formation.

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Variable polarity plasma welding technology has very obvious advantages in applications of welding aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy,etc. the advantages of welding aluminum alloy are as follows:

  • Welding seam no need to open groove, greatly reduce the preparing work before welding, save labor costs, improve production efficiency. Without processing groove no metal cutting loss,
  • Improve material utilization, reduce dosage of the welding materials, reduce material costs;
  • The whole welding seam workload can be done by single-pass welding, to avoid the inevitable multi-layer&multi-pass welding of other process methods, increase the production efficiency, improve welding quality and decrease welding deformation, reduce joint softeni
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